High quality Italian kitchen furniture with exclusive design at an affordable price.

 Milton aim to offer a new point of reference for the market, with an even wider selection, where every kitchen is offered with features and materials that have a strong emotional impact and this at a price that is absolutely remarkable.

We want to deny the widespread opinion that high-quality products are available only to wealthy people. Our purpose is not to follow the steps of others but to create a new segment in the market and, as a consequence, to stay ahead of our competitors.


The Milton collection is manufactured in Italy and is the result of a long-term commitment, together with the best production technologies and distribution processes, in order to bring into the market the best possible product and to make it updated, affordable and highly customisable.

It is our "Zero Compromise" philosophy, that makes us use the best suppliers on the market with absolute transparency as to mention these suppliers on our web site in an area dedicated to them.


Design Products

have been commissioned to design products with total excellence, both as regards its worldwide distribution and as regards its strong visual impact.

High Quality Product

can therefore affirm that thanks to the synergy of intent with the company we have reached our objective: to create a mature, high quality product of great

Solid Beauty

Performance, characterized by a specific identity, a product both of solid beauty and reliability, of elegant well defined aesthetic taste.

 Fagor Appliances

Fagor Appliances have been developed for the discerning buyer who is looking for cutting edge design matched with the latest technology, Fagor are firmly committed to the protection and sustainable development of the environment.

The Fagor range is developed so that all the products have the same aesthetics and will match perfectly in your kitchen design. Each product is designed to be easier to use, easier to clean and will improve the quality of your cooking and the quality of your time in the kitchen

Display Kitchen for Sale

Contemporary kitchen with 4500mm of tall cabinets including integrated fridge, pullout pantry, drawers under ovens, wooden cutlery organiser 2500mm Stainless Steel Block island with 2 integrated sinks, gas cooktop and stainless rubbish bin system

Extra cabinets can be ordered to reconfigure this kitchen